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Registered Nurse Journal July/August 2018


Anne-Marie Malek (shown first) is President and CEO of West Park Healthcare and Shirlee Sharkee (shown second) is President and CEO of SE Health. Both of these women were originally slated to be photographed together but with their (understandably) busy schedules we couldn’t make the magic happened and shot them individually instead. Anne-Marie was photographed at West Park in their lush and beautiful gardens, and Shirlee was photographed at SE Health’s head office in Markham, in their newly rennovated PR room.

Both women, though short on time, were incredibly kind, warm, and open to quickly chatting with us about the work that they do!

It was such a beautiful day when we shot Anne-Marie so the first few photos were taken with natural light. We wanted to create more of a separation between her and the background in the second set of photos so we added in an umbrella with a low powered flash to create some soft dimension (a darker background and lighter foreground).

The room that we shot Shirlee in had an interesting layout in so much that there was a small walk way with different coloured boards, some with text and some with patterns. Then around the corner there was a long wall full of windows with informational panels in front of them. For some reason the lights back in the walk way were on off or on low, so we used it to our advantage; we set up 1 umbrella close to Shirlee but off centre to light her for some simple head to shoulder portraits, and then we pulled back and shot wide for the second set of photos playing up the darkness of the walk way and creating a dramatic but soft spotlight.

View a few photos from these shoots below + a couple of behind the scenes snaps!


Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto 2018

Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto 2018

Hi! It's Us!

Hi! It's Us!