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Hi! It's Us!


In the #newyearnewme spirit we decided to give ourselves a little face lift so we upgraded our galleries to feature larger photos, we switched around a few fonts, and of course added a ton of new work for you to look through!

We know that in looking through portfolio pages seeing 10 photos from the same shoot can be a little daunting which is why we wanted to spend more time focusing on blogging and having a separate section where we can dedicate posts to specific shoots where you can see tear sheets, outtakes, and some behind the scenes photos all from 1 shoot! We’re also excited to be able to share some context to photos and even some technical information, if you’re the curious type.

Since we’re also here, and this post is called Hi! It’s Us! we might as well formally introduce ourselves to anyone we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting IRL yet…

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We are (aptly named) Stef + Ethan! We’re a Toronto based portrait photography duo. Stef handles our day to day (email inbox, setting up shoots, and blogging) and Ethan is the brains behind the team (the more technical one, the one that’s like here’s how we should set this up and yes, you need to use a flash in this pitch black room Stef, are you crazy?). And yes, we are both work and life partners.

When we’re on set together we will create 3-4 set ups to shoot and then we’ll take turns shooting each one. Sometimes while one persons shooting the other person will jump in and be like let me try your set up but like this, or from this angle… We’re chatty shooters usually trying to make conversation as we’re in action, mostly because we’re curious to learn all about you but also so you can feel less focused on the camera in your face.

Other than shooting, the two things we have the biggest love for are dogs and food! Both of which we’re happy to be around sunrise to sunset. Ethan loves cooking and trying out new recipes and Stef loves baking and occasionally setting off the smoke alarm in their apartment (kidding, it’s happened once and now she’s forever paranoid about it).

In his spare time you can find Ethan biking- city, long distance, mountain, you name it. If he could live in BC and bike 24/7 he would. In a heart beat. He’s an outdoor kind of guy who will never say no to a good beer or gin and soda.

Stef loves shooting so much she also handles/runs a wedding photography company called Rosewood Wedding Photos. She is slowly but surely learning to love running and she loves binge watching any TV show with more than 5 seasons, the longer the better!

If you have any questions for us (what we shoot with, what recipe we have on rotation right now, our favourite lighting set up) feel free to leave them below!

Registered Nurse Journal July/August 2018

Registered Nurse Journal July/August 2018