searches for beauty in disconnection, often shooting when it is least expected. She usually says 'I think we should try this today' and is completely type A.


is heavily influenced by his surroundings and most enjoys shooting people in their every day, natural environments. He is also the more laid back, and the technical one.

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What started as working on assignments together at school, continued after graduation with assisting each other and then eventually (and naturally) progressed to combining our work and shooting together. Sometimes we'll shoot at the same time, more often than not we'll rotate, and other times one person will simply work behind the scenes. 

While both our shooting styles may be similar, we find a balance in having different perspectives and constantly pushing each other to create in unique ways.

We are based out of Toronto, Canada, and will happily work anywhere that gives us an excuse to get away.

University of Toronto

Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Rebecca Hay Designs

Native Men's Residence (Na-Me-Res)

Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto

Quill & Quire

Edge Magazine

Ontario Principals Council

Ontario Ombudsman

Hardcore Renos

Square One Shopping Centre/Oxford Properties

Imagine Canada

Pemberton Truck + Equipment, BC

Junior Elite League of Ontario

Oakwood Village and Sunflower Montessori School

St. Michael's College

Mode Marteau/Marteau Co., New York

West Wing Boutique Hotel, Tampa