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UofT TRC Report- Eliot Britton


A few months ago we shot a bunch of new portraits for the first annual Truth & Reconciliation Report by the University of Toronto and we are super proud about how it all turned out! So much so that we’ve decided not to throw all of our favourite photos into a single blog post but rather split them up so we can share more.

The report outlines Indigenous initiatives the university has been taking and how they will be addressing the Calls to Action going forward. From the report: “As both the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and the TRC Steering Committee have emphasized, genuine reconciliation can only take place where truth has been acknowledged and understood. The Office of Indigenous Initiatives aims to coordinate the University’s work while acknowledging hard truths about the past and present, and endeavouring to change mindsets rooted in colonial attitudes towards Indigenous peoples.”


First up on our end: Professor Eliot Britton

Eliot is a member of the Manitoba Métis Federation, Southwest Manitoba Region. He is currently a professor at the faculty of music at UofT and recently took lead in redesigning a couple of the music rooms on campus, which he later took us to and demoed his new synthesizer for us. We talked about why grey walls- although drab- are the best choice when it comes to room colour, his gruelling schedule the week of our shoot (he was reviewing applications for next year), and the love/hate relationship between the Fac. of Music and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

We love when we’re able to easily chat with our subjects about things outside of photography and what we’re shooting for. It’s easy to feel tense when there’s a camera (or two) in your face but Eliot was great at posing, taking direction, and talking all at the end of a very long day, for both him and us.

See more photos from this session down below, and more from this report here:

UofT TRC Report- Romeo Fournier / Uoft TRC- Waakebiness-Bryce Space

UofT TRC Report- Romeo Fournier

UofT TRC Report- Romeo Fournier

Studio Test with Eunice

Studio Test with Eunice